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Project of the season

Every penny helps. You can support the project of the season even with small amounts in the context of our crowdfunding campaign; and gain an additional tax break.

VISTA: The gateway to science

VISTA IST Austria Visitor Center
Visitor Center Drawing VISTA
Exterior Visitor Center ISTA | STUDIO MAKS + Bollinger Grohmann

If there is one lesson from the Corona crisis, it is this: We need more knowledge about science. The issues facing society, politics and business are pressing and understandable: What is science good for? What does it achieve? How does it work? And how long does it take to produce results?

Scientists can and must provide the answers to these questions. This is why we at Institute of Science and Technology Austria (ISTA) are planning VISTA, a knowledge and visitor center to communicate our excellent basic research to a broad audience. The spectacular architecture invites inquisitive people of all ages to embark on a voyage of discovery in special hands-on laboratories, seminar rooms and exhibitions.

You can support us here. We would be pleased to inform you about your possibilities to participate in the creation of our gateway to science.


With your donation you support research and training at ISTA. We thank our supporters by recording your name and the donations of up to € 1’000 visible for the public on our donation website, your consent provided.  As expression of our gratitude for donations between € 1’000 and € 10’000 your name and the amount will be

  1. stated on a commemoration plaque which will be mounted on or in a building or room specifically dedicated, or
  2. recorded in the report published at least annually of the research group of a specific professor or of a specific research project or of a specific unit (e.g. Graduate School, SSU),
  3. and in the cases listed above on the according homepage.

O I agree to the public recording of my data in the forms mentioned above

The duration of the record of name and amount on the donation website complies with the regulations of the statutory data protection regulations.

If you are subject to taxation in Austria, tax breaks can apply as ISTA is treated equally by the Federal Ministry of Finance to Austrian universities in regard to the deduction of donations. In order to assert the tax breaks and to enable a possible matching of the donations by the federal budget it is necessary to directly transfer your donation to ISTA.

Institute of Science and Technology Austria
Raiffeisen Bank International, Am Stadtpark 9, A-1030 Wien
IBAN: AT553100000104079273

To correctly book your donation and to assert the deduction of donations it is necessary to convey the following data to the Federal Ministry of Finance:

Title / first name / surname
Address / post code / municipality / country
Date of birth
Reference  <project name>

Data protection regulations

ISTA processes your personal data in accordance with the statutory data protection regulations. For more information including processing of your data for the purpose of contact management (point 4.4.), contract management (point 4.10), revocation of consent and your rights as a data subject please refer to our data privacy statement.

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