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May 22, 2015

Chris Wojtan awarded at Eurographics 2015 for liquid simulations

Young Researcher Award 2015 and Günter Enderle Best Paper Award 2015 go to IST Austria Professor Chris Wojtan

Chris Wojtan

Chris Wojtan received two prestigious awards at last week’s Eurographics conference in Zurich. Held by the European Association for Computer Graphics, Eurographics is the major annual computer graphics conference in Europe, bringing together graphics experts from around the world to present the latest developments. The Eurographics organizers recognized Chris Wojtan with the Young Researcher Award 2015 for his outstanding contributions to animation, referring to him as “probably the best specialist, worldwide, on liquid simulation”. Additionally, the computer scientist was honored with the Günter Enderle Best Paper Award 2015 for “A Dimension-reduced Pressure Solver for Liquid Simulations“, a paper co-authored with his colleagues Ryoichi Ando (IST Austria) and Nils Thuerey (TU München). Chris Wojtan received his PhD from Georgia Tech in 2010 and joined IST Austria as Assistant Professor in 2011.


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