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Jobs at ISTA

ISTA is a world-class, cross-disciplinary research institute full of opportunities.

The purpose of Institute of Science and Technology Austria (ISTA) is to be a leader in basic research and graduate education with a focus on life sciences, physical sciences, mathematics and computer sciences. Our goal is to perform at the same level as the best scientific institutions in the world.

Science contributes to our society. Today, the successful pursuit of scientific knowledge is not only an exciting intellectual endeavor, it is also an absolute necessity for any country wishing to achieve economic success and a sustainable advanced standard of living.

Opportunities out of constant growth.  ISTA has grown tremendously over the last 10 years: from a bold idea to a leading research institute and medium-sized organization – and growth will continue in the next few years. This growth offers us opportunities: placing new ideas into our world, taking on challenging projects, redesigning our processes and continuously developing our skills.

Cooperation drives our success. ISTA aims to overcome all barriers within and between research groups and scientific disciplines. By actively promoting collaborations between its researchers across different fields of science and different levels of experience, the Institute provides an atmosphere of passion for expanding the frontiers of knowledge.

For excellence, diversity is key. Scientists and staff at ISTA come from all over the world. Given the international character of the research environment we foster diversity and equality. The working language of its community is English.

Cutting-edge infrastructure for cutting-edge science. Pioneering science requires advanced equipment and state-of-the-art research facilities. ISTA provides top-notch facilities such as optical and electron microscopes, the latest cryo-EM technology, and a 450 m2 cleanroom for nanofabrication.

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