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Career Services

Career Services

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There are many ways to a meaningful career, in and outside of academia, and Career Services is dedicated to informing, advising, and supporting students and postdocs on career matters. We encourage our young scientists to think about their careers and the necessary skills and experience they need to acquire to reach their career goals.

Institute of Science and Technology Austria (ISTA) Career Services provides support at every stage of the career development process. We inform PhD students and postdocs about job opportunities in all relevant sectors, organize regular events to enable them to learn more about these opportunities, and help them  figure out which career step to take next. We also support students and postdocs when applying for a post.

Students and postdocs can participate in regularly organized soft skills workshops to broaden their skill sets. They can book one-on-one career meetings to discuss individual questions and they have access to a comprehensive online portal.

It is never too early to prepare for one’s next move. That is how rushed career decisions are avoided. We recommend that students and postdocs start planning at least one year before their graduation or contract expiration.

Administration and Scientific Services

Continuous employee development plays an important role in achieving the goals of ISTA. Thus, the Institute supports its employees in acquiring knowledge and skills they need by providing a mix of on-the-job and internal/external training measures

Technical skills
State-of-the-art technical knowledge is required for delivering high-quality services. ISTA employees have the opportunity to attend external training/workshops in Austria and Europe or visit other research institutions in Europe (supported through the Erasmus+ program) in order to develop skills or to stay up-to-date.

Social skills
Social interaction is key for an effective and well-performing organization. What we do matters, but also how we do it and how we work together. ISTA offers a broad range of on-campus training programs for social skills as well as the opportunity to attend external training programs/workshops.

Language skills
90 different nationalities are collaborating at ISTA. The working language of its community is English. In order to promote the proficiency of language skills, ISTA offers regular language courses (English and German) for all employees on campus.

Leadership skills
ISTA supports supervisors on all levels with specific leadership training programs. The continuous development of these skills enables supervisors to face day-to-day challenges and to act as responsible leaders.

Erasmus+ for scientists and employees of Administration and Scientific Services

Find out more about Erasmus+ here.

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