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June 9, 2021

New leaders at IST Austria

IST Austria announces two new Vice Presidents for its Science Education and Technology Transfer activities, and a new Dean for its Graduate School

New Management Structure 2021 © Peter Rigaud
In the picture from left to right: Managing Director Georg Schneider, Dean of the Graduate School Eva Benkova, President Tom Henzinger, Vice President for Science Education Gaia Novarino, Executive Vice President Michael Sixt, Vice President for Technology Transfer Bernd Bickel.
© Peter Rigaud

Yesterday, the Institute of Science and Technology Austria (IST Austria) announced three new executives for its management. Professor Gaia Novarino and Professor Bernd Bickel were appointed Vice Presidents for Science Education and for Technology Transfer, respectively. Professor Eva Benkova was appointed new Dean of the Graduate School. They will start their positions on September 1, 2021, with the new term of President Tom Henzinger. The current Executive Vice President, Professor Michael Sixt, will continue to oversee the Scientific Services of IST Austria and serve as the President’s deputy, while Georg Schneider continues to serve as Managing Director.

“I am very proud to present Gaia Novarino and Bernd Bickel for these two newly created positions, in addition to Eva Benkova, who will follow Nick Barton as new Dean of the Graduate School. Science Education and Technology Transfer are two of the most important ways in which IST Austria can contribute directly to society and industry,” states Tom Henzinger.

Since its foundation in 2009, IST Austria has focused on performing world-class research and educating the next generation of scientists in its Graduate School. Led by the new Vice Presidents, the institute will further strengthen its science education and technology transfer programs.

IST Austria has already launched several successful initiatives in both science education and technology transfer. The TWIST fellowship program for translational research, the ISTcube venture fund, and the technology park IST Park are just a few examples. The institute has also brought about several successful formats for science outreach to schools and the general public, such as Open Campus and Sommercampus. Furthermore, plans for the new VISTA Science Experience Center are currently underway, and an increasing number of programs for children of all ages and backgrounds, families, school teachers and the public will be offered on campus.


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