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May 12, 2014

Recognition by Austrian Academy of Sciences for two IST Austria professors

Herbert Edelsbrunner elected full member • Jiří Friml named as member of Chapter of Young Scientists

Herbert Edelsbrunner und Jiří Friml 2014
Herbert Edelsbrunner und Jiří Friml.

The Austrian Academy of Sciences (ÖAW) has named their newly elected members. Among the selected are IST Austria professors Herbert Edelsbrunner und Jiří Friml. IST Austria president Thomas Henzinger expressed his delight: “I congratulate Herbert and Jiří. As outstanding researchers both are at the top of their fields. These distinctions are well-deserved.”

Edelsbrunner is a mathematician and computer scientist with a special interest in topology, a field of special importance for shape and the recognition, matching, and classification of shape. Edelsbrunner, who was a Corresponding Member since 2011, has been elected to Full Member of the Austrian Academy of Sciences.

Plant biologist Jiří Friml focuses on the unique events in the development by plants mediated by the plant hormone auxin combining approaches of molecular biology, molecular genetics, biochemistry and mathematical modeling. Friml has been named as member of the Chapter of Young Scientists (“Junge Kurie”).

For full list of new ÖAW members (German only) see


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