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October 19, 2012

Vice Chancellor Spindelegger visits IST Austria

Vice Chancellor Spindelegger visits IST Austria

Michael Spindelegger, Vice Chancellor and Foreign Minister of Austria, yesterday visited the Institute of Science and Technology Austria (IST Austria). President Thomas Henzinger welcomed Spindelegger and gave him an overview of the development of IST Austria and the future plans. After a tour of the compound Spindelegger stopped by at the life science lab in the Bertalanffy Foundation Building where Professor Michael Sixt explained the research in this field at the institute. Spindelegger showed himself impressed by the status of IST Austria, emphasizing that scientific excellence can be achieved in comparably small countries providing the existence of a commitment for the long-term investment in science and research. Concluding his visit Spindelegger met scientists currently working on the campus in Klosterneuburg: Professor Caroline Uhler, postdocs Stefan Wieser, Daniel Weissman and Verena Ruprecht, and PhD students Vanessa Barone and Sebastian Novak.


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