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Equipment for Sample Preparation

  • Sectioning  
    • Leica EM UC7; ultramicrotome; ARTOS 3D
    • Leica EM FC7; cryochamber for Leica EM UC7
    • Leica EM TRIM2
    • Leica Ultracut UCT; ultramicrotome
    • Leica EM KMR3; glass knife maker
    • RMC Products PT-PCZ PowerTome; Ultramicrotome (part of the ATUMtome setup) 
    • ATUMtome RMC ATUM500 – automatic ultramicrotome for on tape collection of ultrathin sections
  • Freeze fracture machines
    • Jeol JFD V; equipment applies fracturing and etching to a sample that is provided by the freezing method in the high vacuum, and makes an ultra fine particle replica film by means of electron beam evaporation
    • Leica EM ACE900; preparation system for freeze fracturing, etching, and freeze drying of double replica, high resolution carbon/metal mix coatings for TEM and SEM analysis.
  • High pressure freezing
    • BALTEC HPM010
  • High vacuum coating system
    • Leica ACE600; Options: carbon coating, metal sputtering (Au), glow discharge.
  • Automatic freeze-substitution apparatus
    • 2 x Leica EMAFS
  • Plunge freezing apparatus
    • Vitrobot IV
    • Leica EM GP2
    • Leica EM CPC
  • Critical Point Dryer
    • Leica EM CPD 30
  • Glow Discharge Unit
    • Double-chamber glow discharge cleaning system – ELMO
  • Automated immunogold labeling system
    • Leica EM IGL
  • Automatic section stainer
    • Leica EM stain
  • Hybri-oven / Hybridization incubator
  • Sandbluster
  • Upright light microscope
  • 5 x stereoscope

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