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Latha Venkataraman will join ISTA in January 2025.

Venkataraman Group

Single-Molecule Physics and Chemistry

Our research program aims to understand matter at the nanoscale through an interdisciplinary approach that combines physics, chemistry, and engineering. Our lab is a leader in probing, manipulating, and controlling single molecules as active elements of circuits, understanding the electronic, mechanical, optical, and thermoelectric properties of devices that achieve the smallest possible (i.e., atomic) dimensions. By collaborating with synthetic chemists and theoretical solid-state physicists, we relate our experimental findings to fundamental chemical structures and theoretical models. Besides advancing the field known broadly as molecular electronics, our interdisciplinary work has also broadened our understanding of charge transfer at metal/organic interfaces. This has an impact on the fields of organic electronics, photovoltaics, catalysis, and charge transfer processes in biological systems.

Open Positions

Applications are currently open for PhD and postdoc positions in the Venkataraman group!
Prospective PhD students: please apply through
Prospective postdoctoral fellows: please contact

Current Projects

Electronic Transport in Single-Molecule Devices | Electroluminescence in Single-Molecule Devices | Temperature Dependent Conductance and Mechanical Properties of Single-Molecule Devices


Evers F, Aharony A, Bar-Gill N, Entin-Wohlman O, Hedegård P, Hod O, Jelinek P, Kamieniarz G, Lemeshko M, Michaeli K, Mujica V, Naaman R, Paltiel Y, Refaely-Abramson S, Tal O, Thijssen J, Thoss M, Van Ruitenbeek JM, Venkataraman L, Waldeck DH, Yan B, Kronik L. 2022. Theory of chirality induced spin selectivity: Progress and challenges. Advanced Materials. 34(13), 2106629. View

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ReX-Link: Latha Venkataraman


Starting 2025 Professor, Institute of Science and Technology Austria (ISTA)
Since 2019 Lawrence Gussman Professor of Applied Physics, Columbia University, USA
2019 – 2022 Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs, Columbia University, USA
2016 – 2019 Professor, Columbia University, USA
2012 – 2016 Associate Professor (with tenure), Columbia University, USA
2011 – 2012 Associate Professor, Columbia University, USA
2007 – 2011 Assistant Professor, Columbia University, USA
2003 – 2007 Research Scientist, Columbia University, USA
1999 – 2003 Research Scientist, Vytran Corporation, USA
1999 PhD, Harvard University, USA

Selected Distinctions

2023 Alexander von Humboldt Research Award
2023 Satish Dhawan IoE Visiting Chair Professor, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
2015 Fellow, American Physical Society
2011 Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellowship
2010 Kim Award for Faculty Involvement, Columbia University
2008 Packard Fellowship in Science and Engineering
2008 National Science Foundation Career Award

Additional Information

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Venkataraman Group Website
Chemistry Colloquia website

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