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Alumni News & Events

News & Events

Alumni News & Events

ISTA Alumni Award for Alexander Kolesnikov

2023 Awardee Alexander Kolesnikov is a great example of what the future can hold for excellent PhD students after graduating from ISTA Read more
Mathematician Anton Mellit awarded 1st ISTA Alumni Award

For the first time, ISTA presented an outstanding achievement award to an alumnus. Read more
Congratulations to IST Austria alumnus Johannes Reiter

IST alumnus Johannes Reiter has been awarded the Young Scientist by the ASCINA! Read more
Congratulations to Jörg Renkawitz

IST alumnus Jörg Renkawitz has won the Life Science Research Award Austria 2019. Read more
Event: Invitation to the 6th Think & Drink “IST Alumni!“ Sebastian Novak

IST alumnus Sebastian Novak will talk about what it is like to switch from academia to consulting. Read more
Congratulations Dora Tarlungeanu on receiving the Life Science PhD Award Austria

Former PhD Student Dora Tarlungeanu received a Life Science PhD Award Austria 2018 for her dissertation. Read more
Event: Invitation to the 5th Think & Drink “IST Alumni!“ Johannes Reiter

IST Alumnus, Johannes Reiter, comes to IST to speak about his career development since leaving IST Austria. Read more
IST Alumni Duckies

The IST Alumni duckies have arrived. From now on everyone finishing the PhD at IST Austria can pick up one of these cute duckies from the alumni office. Read more
Chris M. Golde’s IST commencement talk

Chris M. Golde commencement talk at the 2018 IST Austria Graduation Ceremony. Read more
Pictures of the Graduation Ceremony 2018

On June 29, the IST Austria celebrated 18 new graduates of the Institute’s PhD program. Read more
Congratulations! Isaac Mabillard wins Richard Rado prize for outstanding dissertations

Isaac Mabillard (alumnus of the Wagner Group) has been awarded the prestigious Richard Rado Prize. Read more
Event: Graduation Ceremony 2018 on Friday, June 29th, 2018

On Friday, June 29th, 2018 we are going to celebrate our annual IST Austria Graduation Ceremony! Read more
Pictures from the Alumni Reception at the IST BBQ

IST Alumni attend a special reception held by Tom Heninger, President of IST Austria. Read more
Event: Invitation to the 4th Think & Drink “IST Alumni!“

Nature journal editor Christine Mieck and former IST Postdoc will give a talk about her career. Read more
Event: IST Austria BBQ

Each year the IST BBQ is a special occasion for IST members and their families. Read more
Event: Invitation to the 3rd Think & Drink “IST Alumni!“

Former IST alumnus, Thorsten Tarrach, will speak about his career and working at the boundary between research and industry. Read more
IST Austria Alumni on LinkedIn

IST Austria added an alumni section to its LinkedIn profile! Read more
Science Outreach Activities 2018

This year, IST Austria will host two science festivals and two science camps for children on campus. Read more
Podcast: Christopher Pull talks about “No mercy for sick ants”

IST Austria alumnus Christopher Pull was interviewed for episode 45 of the eLife podcast. Read more
Vienna ball of sciences

Ticket sales for the 2018 Vienna Science Ball have started. Special discounts available for IST alumni. Read more
Event: Invitation to the 2nd Think & Drink “IST Alumni!“

IST Austria Alumni Stefan Huber speak about his research and work in industrial R&D. Read more
IST Austria and Lansdowne Partners Launch Advanced Technology Seed Fund

IST CUBE will support startups with an initial investment amount of 5 Million Euro. Read more
Invitation to the 1st Think & Drink “IST Alumni!“

IST alumnus, Philipp Schönenberger, will give a talk on Brain Electrophysiology, Read more
Successful IST Austria Alumni: Congratulations Anna Levina on the 2017 Sofja Kovalevskaja Award

Anna Martius (Levina), is one of six international researchers granted this years Sofja Kovalevskaja Award. Read more
Pictures from the graduation ceremony 2017

View the picture gallery of the 2017 graduation ceremony and the party afterwards here! Read more
IST Austria celebrates 15 new PhD graduates

IST Austria honored its newest PhD graduates for their work and contributions. Read more
News: Congratulation: Computer Scientist Morten Bojsen-Hansen receives Eurographics Best Thesis Award

IST alumnus Morten Bojsen-Hansen has been awarded ‘Best PhD Thesis’ by Eurographics. Read more

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