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13. Dezember 2010

Zwei weitere Professoren kommen zum IST

President Thomas Henzinger today announced the appointment of two further professors who will join IST Austria. The Hungarian-born Jozsef Csicsvari will become part of the dynamically developing neuroscience cluster; Swiss Harald Janovjak will strengthen the activities at the interface of cell biology and biophysics while at the same time collaborating with neuroscientists. Csicsvari will take up his position as tenured Professor in summer 2011, Janovjak will assume his position as Assistant Professor in spring 2011.

Thomas Henzinger stated: “The appointment of these two outstanding scientists marks the end of a year of extremely fast development at IST Austria. I am particularly glad that we managed to attract two researchers who are rooted in the region of Central Europe. This will draw further attention to the possibilities the Institute can offer to promising scientists in the neighboring countries.”


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