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Somewhere over the rainbow?

Where do the colors of the rainbow come from? How can you make one yourself? Find out in this week of Pop-up Science about light and colors!

Watch out for this week’s first episode of Supergscheit! – it might get explosive. For once, trying out at home strictly forbidden!

Activities for this week

DIY Experiment – Which colors hide in the light?

If you can’t await the next time you’ll see a rainbow in the skies, check out our video on how to make your own! Use the same trick to explore, which colors hide in the light of different lamps.

Watch the corresponding video on YouTube (German only)

Science leaflet

So how exactly do rainbows form? What is so great about seeing a rainbow form an airplane? And what is light in the first place? Learn more in this week’s science leaflet.

Interview with a microscopy expert

Jakob Vorlaufer loves doing research with colorful lasers. Find out in this week’s Pop-up Science interview why this can be dangerous at times, and how he uses colorful light to look at cells very closely.

Watch the corresponding video on YouTube (German only)

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