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IST Austria Pop-up Science

Science instead of boredom!

ISTA Pop-up Science – Science instead of boredom!

Welcome to Pop-up Science, the online science program for kids! Here, you can find a lot of science topics that relate to research at the Institute of Science and Technology Austria (ISTA).

For every topic, you will find at least one experiment or game in the DIY Experiment video that you can try out with things you have at home. If you want more background or ideas for experiments, check out our Science Leaflets. Finally, watch the Pop-up Science Interviews to find out how professional scientists in a research institute go about their work.

Hint: Don’t miss out on the three “Supergscheit!” videos, a mini series featuring spectacular experiments.

Some of the content on this page is only available in German.

-> Info for parents and teachers

For parents and teachers

Pop-up Science is aimed at children from 7 to 12 years old. It invites them to try out selected research activities with teaching materials related to research topics at ISTA. The activities are summarized in weekly themes and are suitable for both distance-learning classes and independent exploration at home. All topics are browsable by categories. Pop-up Science was created during Corona school closings to support you and your children – true to the motto “Science instead of boredom!”, during Corona and beyond.


If you have questions or comments about Pop-up Science you can reach out to us with

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