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Print your own world!

What if you could create any shape you can imagine with a single click? With 3D printing, this can become true. Learn with us this week what 3D printing can do and how you can start practicing at home even without a 3D printer.

Activities for this week

DIY Experiment – 3D printing without a 3D printer

Did you know that you probably have all you need for recreating shapes ready at home? Eva and Elisabeth show you the different steps that 3D printers use to create shapes, with normal kitchen ingredients and tools. No worries about failed attempts – simply eat them up!

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Science leaflet – Print your own world!

Most 3D printers use plastics, but some can even work with living material, creating the most amazing things. Check out, how this works and learn about what 3D printers are used for in industry.

Interview with an expert on 3D printing

Todor Asenov leads a workshop at IST Austria, which produces all kinds of special parts for researchers. This also involves 3D printing. Watch him explain what things he has already produced in this way and take a look at his machine shop.

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