How machines see

Computers or robots that can see – this works well in science fiction movies, but in reality it’s surprisingly difficult. Recently, researchers have made a lot of progress in teaching machines how to see things. Try it out yourself!

Activities for this week

DIY Experiment – Recognizing drawings: human vs machine

Recognizing what’s on a drawing is all easy, right? But what if you have just a few seconds to draw something? Who is better at recognizing Stefan’s drawings? His brother Tudor or a computer program?

Link to Quickdraw

German only

Science leaflet – How machines see

This week’s science leaflet is all about what artificial intelligence can do, next to recognizing drawings, and why it has its difficulties with Chihuahuas.

Interview with a professor for machine learning

Christoph Lampert works on teaching computers how to get better at recognizing what’s on a picture. In our interview, he’ll let you know why humans see things differently than computers and whether computers will eventually be able to learn everything.

German only

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